About Us

TrabahoPhilippines.com is a one-stop online job site built to cater to both Filipino applicants and companies, who are looking for a job or searching for right talent for their firm, respectfully. At present, it is easy to recognize that looking for the perfect job can be frustrating and time-consuming for the average Filipinos. Obtaining stable employment is becoming more competitive as the number of job seekers increase. Certain tools and strategies, which used to be the most successful in the past such as the classified ads (found in newspapers) and job agencies, are becoming less and less effective today.

We at TrabahoPhilippines.com wish to fill this gap by offering more efficient tools in job search, in the form of an online system, which allows individuals to send in their application and receive feedback easier. In addition to this, the site can provide any kind of applicant—may they be fresh graduates or not—with advice and guides for career planning and job hunting.

In line with this, we also understand the need of hiring employers and HR personnel to find the perfect candidate in the shortest period of time. With a simpler and more competent system, updated tools and latest online marketing strategies, TrabahoPhilippines.com strives to bridge applicants and employers, who possess limited resources. The site may be young yet, it is under a continuous process of development. We hope that through our efforts, we may contribute to the rise of the employment rate in the Philippines.

In summary, TrabahoPhilippines.com aims to provide the best services to Filipino job seekers and job recruiters in the Philippines and, hopefully, be the #1 job portal site in the Philippines.