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Dealing with backstabbers at work

No matter what you do, there will always be people who would do anything to put you down. They will always look for your negative side. Backstabbers find satisfaction in spreading rumors about you and are only concerned with themselves and gaining power.  In every company, there is always an individual who enjoys torturing you. This is probably because they do not like your personality or they’re insecure. People who backstab other workers are those who want all the attention on them and find you as a competition. The best way to deal with these kinds of individuals is to relax and do not let the things they say about you, affect you emotionally. Below are other ways in coping up with backstabbers.

  1. Keep calm

When you find out that someone is saying things behind your back do not confront them and pick a fight. The best way to handle this is to stay calm and do not let it affect your mood and the way you see yourself.



2. Prove them wrong

If you hear that a co-worker says you are always lazy, prove him wrong. Go to work on time and even earlier than him. Be a better employee and do the tasks assigned to you.

prove them wrong


3. Establish a good relationship with other employees and the boss

It is good that you act nice around other employees so that you’ll gain sympathy from them and being close to the boss will prevent the backstabber from saying negative things about you.

good relationship


4. Do not do the same

You should not start spreading rumors about the backstabber because it will not do you any good. It is better to keep silent and try to find out what he’s been saying about you.

keep your mouth shut


5. Approach the backstabber

It is also advisable that you come up to the backstabber. Be confident when you ask questions but make sure to show the positive intent of your approach.

approach the person


6. Think of a plan

If the backstabber gets to succeed in his plan, you can choose to leave and look for another company. Tell your boss and the other employees that you will be trying different opportunities that will suit your personality.

thinking of a plan

It is very hard to work with people who always see the bad side of you. No matter how hard you try to prove them wrong, they will not stop putting you down. Backstabbers should not be the reason for you to give up but instead it should motivate you to keep going and continue being a better person.

Reasons why you must try online writing jobs

The easiest and most comfortable way of earning money today is engaging oneself in online writing jobs. People nowadays would prefer these kinds of work because it allows them to save money for transportation and they can do their work anywhere they go.  There is a huge variety of online marketing jobs like copywriting, blogging, product reviews, technical writing and a lot more. People choose to work on their own probably because of the various benefits that they get from it. Here are some of the reasons why workers prefer online marketing jobs.


  1. It is very comfortable

When you are in charge of your work, you can decide on your own. You can set a schedule as to where and when will you start. It will give you enough time to relax first before working on the papers assigned to you.



2. You can earn a lot

Writing online can help you earn enough money. Google pays you every time you get views from the public. There are also a lot of jobs wherein, individuals will ask you to write a blog or make a website for them. If you’re lucky, these individuals will pay you high amount of money.

earn money


3. Easy to apply

It is very easy to apply in an online job because it doesn’t require a lot of things. All you need is a very good skill in writing and the ability to express yourself well.

easy to apply


4. These jobs also do not require much experience

not much experience

5. It is fun

Online jobs allow you to try different things. You are able to learn more and at the same time you won’t get bored easily.



6. Develop your skills

It will also develop your skills in writing, reading, communication and lots more.

develop skills


7. People, who are having a hard time finding the right jobs for them, can try this type of work so that they will be able to earn money without applying for any company.

hard time finding jobs


8. People who are having problems in working with other employees will be able to work without dealing with the attitudes of co-workers.

working with others


Online writing jobs may deprive you from socializing with others but it brings you a large number of advantages. In this type of work, you will be able to do more in only a short period of time. So why not try it out? You do not need to worry on how you will be able to get qualified for a job because you can already work on your own and earn on your own. This is a very good experience for beginners and for those who would like to improve their skills in writing.


Finding what job suits you best

Have you ever experienced entering a job for the first time and then along the way, you start to realize that it’s not for you? Everyone wants to enjoy what they are doing but this will not happen if you don’t choose the right career path. When you force yourself to stay in a company or job that you don’t like, you won’t be able to give your best because you are not interested with what the company asks you to do. People say that in order for you to be successful, you have to love your job. You also have to choose the best work that will fit your interests because you will be spending a lot of time working. You wouldn’t want to spend your whole life exerting effort on something you’re not fascinated with. So here are a few tips that can help you in order to know what career is right for you.

  1. Discover your interests

When looking for a job, you first have to know your interests and personality. There are a lot of online websites which can help you figure out your interests and will show you which jobs fit your character.  Once you’ve chosen probable careers, you can start researching about the company to find out a description of positions they offer, amount of salary and the current situation of their business. You can also talk to someone who’s working on the career you’ve chosen so you can know what to expect.



2. Skills

Next thing that you should do is to discover your skills.

Once you already have an idea of what career you are going to take, take time to figure out your skills.



3. Develop your skills

There are times when you find out that the career you want to take up requires skills that you lack. In order to solve this problem, you can apply for temporary trainings. You can look for an ojt wherein you can learn new skills or engage in programs and activities that will enhance your capabilities.

develop skills


4. Try working on your own

If you really can’t stay long in companies with bosses and co workers, you can start opening a business of your own.  You must also remember that before starting your own work, you have to make a research first and find out ideas on how you can be able to succeed in your chosen business. You have to make sure if what you are doing is right before you use all your money for it. Always remember that at first you will have small earnings but hard work and patience will help you along the way.

working alone


Finding the right job might sound difficult but once you get to know yourself, you tend to discover a lot of things that you can do. These steps will make things easier for you when you go job hunting. When looking for a job, you have to be patient and optimistic. Don’t get depressed when you can’t find what best suites your personality and skills. The best thing that you can do is to stay positive and never give up because time will come that you will eventually land on something that you deserve.



Moving on after losing your job

What’s more depressing than losing your job? People would normally feel down when they get fired from their jobs because all of their hard work would be for nothing. They would have to undergo the process again of looking and applying for a new company and this would mean that they’d have to start from scratch. Although, no matter how stressful it may seem, there is always a solution to every problem. Here are a few tips which you can consider in order to build up your self-esteem and keep you going.

  1. Acceptance

It may not be easy at first but eventually you have to face your fears and depression. You have to face your feelings and accept reality. You can start keeping a blog and writing down what you feel. Always stay positive and do not blame yourself for what happened. Do not lose hope and always remember that there are better things in store for you.


2. Ask help from others

When you’re depressed, reach out to your friends. Talk to other people and ask for advice. Join clubs and networking sites which might help you find new jobs.

help from others

3. Turn to your family

Talk to them about your future plans and ask help from them. Listen to their concerns and advices because they are also worried about you. Find time to have fun with your family. Go out on vacations or join them during family dinners or events.

help from family

4. Take care of yourself

Make sure to keep yourself healthy. Instead of drinking and having vices, you should try sleeping early, exercising every day, eating healthy food and just relax.



5. Do not give up

Even though it may take time before you get accepted to a new career, you have to be patient and stay positive. Do not lose hope when a company rejects you. Try applying for other positions where you’re good at.

 don't give up


Depression is really hard to handle. You do not know how you will be able to start again and sometimes you just want to give up. However, life is full of opportunities. You don’t have to stay sad and blame yourself for everything. Always keep on trying and put into mind that if one door closes, another one opens up for you. Maybe you are meant for something else. Maybe you are meant to be placed in a better company where you can be able to apply your skills and talents and one that you will enjoy. Losing your job may be hard for you but never back down because there is always a silver lining.

The different types of employees you will meet when you go to work

As you meet tons of people every day, you realize how much one person differs from the other. When you start working, you will observe that being a part of a company is like going back to high school. People are grouped according to their personalities, you get a lot of comments every day from employees you don’t even know, you get scolded when you come in late or when you do not do your job properly. Once you start entering into a company, it would be hard for you to survive if you don’t know how to accept and handle the different personalities around you. Here are a few examples of the type of employees that you will encounter when you start your job.

  1. Slackers

These are the people who are usually lazy when working in the office. They would always come in late, walk around the office and chat with other employees, pretend to look busy even when they’re not and spend time in the lounge or pantry in order to kill time.



2. Aliens

These are the workers whose minds are always somewhere else. When discussing things to be done in the office, they are always out of topic. They also make unnecessary comments and ideas.



3. Mr/Ms Know-it-all

These are the ones who usually get fights with the bosses. They would always argue with the boss and insist that their ideas are better. They will not stop unless they get what they want. They will also act superior than other employees and take over projects and activities which are not even assigned to them.



4. Outcasts

These are employers who would usually spend their time working on the computer and not talking to anybody. They would not join their officemates for lunch or would make excuses when there are events to attend to.




5. Drama Queen/Kings

Drama Queens are employees who would usually do anything to catch the attention of other people. They would always keep on ranting and would even confront the manager and ask for some advices on whatever they are going through in their life.


drama queen

6. Antagonists

These are employers who would always oppose ideas and suggestions made by co workers. When a project is presented, they will immediately criticize it and point out its flaws.


It is very important to recognize the personalities of your co workers in order for you to find ways on how to deal with them. One of the most important things in order for you to survive in your chosen company is for you to learn how to work well with others. Even though people have different personalities, you have to accept them for who they are. Be yourself, do not let other people bring you down, be nice to other people and learn to understand your officemates even though they piss you off sometimes.



Do Social Networking Sites Lower Productivity Levels?

Does your company belong to the population that allows access to social networking sites?

According to Nucleus Research, in a survey of 237 employees, 77% of the workers who have a facebook account use it during working hours. And a percentage of this 77% use the social networking site as much as two hours a day at work.

Of those using facebook at work, 87% said they had no clear business reason for using the social networking site.

Also, a study released by Ohio State University showed that a number of college students who uses facebook spends less time studying, hence, gets lower grades compared to those who don’t use facebook at all.

If college students are already affected this way (hello, they’re juggling a number of subjects per semester), how much more are people on the professional environment. right?

A few others debunk this myth though, stating that social networking sites actually have an opposite effect: It even increases productivity levels.

This is applicable for knowledge workers — or people who are tasked with transforming ideas or products. For these kinds of workers, goofing off isn’t actually an enemy. In fact, regularly stepping back from their projects is essential to their success. This is where social networking sites come into play; because they are particularly well suited to energize those down creativity levels.

You see, people aren’t designed to maintain a constant focus on assigned tasks. They need periodic breaks to relieve the conscious mind the pressure of performing – the pressure that can lock us into a single mode of thinking, a process that creativity researchers call as ‘incubation’ period.

Authors of a landmark text when it comes to psychology and neuroscience of creativity called ‘Creativity and the Mind’ have observed that people are more successful in creating solutions for problems if they were forced to move away or were temporarily distracted.

A study by Australian scientists found that by taking time to visit websites of personal interest, including news sites and youtube provided workers a mental break that ultimately led to the increase in their concentration once they got back into working mode; and had a 9% increase when it comes to productivity.

In my opinion, people should be allowed to use networking sites at work, however; should definitely make sure that they spend less than 20% of their working hours in those social networking sites or websites of interest.

I mean, if you do feel that it increases your productivity and makes you go the extra mile when it comes to working, why not right?

If social networking sites are banned in your workplace, don’t worry about it: treat this as an opportunity to discover other things in the internet. Sites such as news articles of heroic animal deeds (believe me, it does not get old at all), celebrity news, etc.

But guys: do make sure that you do cater to your personal creativity breaks in moderation. Everything that is beyond what is moderate is still bad.

So reward yourself with a break, and keep being worth or even more than the money your company is paying you for.

The Advantages Of Having an MBA

In a highly competitive corporate world of today, having a master’s degree would certainly give one an edge in terms of added valuable knowledge and skills. One of the graduate degrees that is sure to give one an edge over other people in a corporation is having a Masters in Business Administration or MBA. Many companies truly value an employee having an MBA and consider these employees to be assets in their company. This is the main reason why this educational move has been the most opted for degree in among students and professionals.

Having more people with an MBA mainly means more employees are knowledgeable in managing people in a company and maximizing the resources that they have. Taking up your MBA certainly has its own benefits:

First, it provides you with managerial skills. The skills and knowledge imparted in an MBA provides you the essentials in dealing with real-time situations with regards to management and resolution problems. You are made to perform managerial roles and made to grasp the core responsibilities of your organization.

Second, you will be able to develop business expertise. If you are a student or professional without any business background, then getting an MBA would be the best. Through an MBA, you greatly increase your practical knowledge in the field of business administration.

Third, you gain a competitive advantage over others. A competent MBA program gives one the opportunity and advantage of being qualified leaders. As you gain specialized skills in leadership qualities from an MBA degree, you are more likely to be hired by companies or organizations. Most recognized and leading business organizations prefer to hire people with an MBA.

Fourth, getting an MBA becomes worth every penny because it is recession proof. With the wide array of electives and specialized courses that you are provided during the MBA period, you gain a wide knowledge of skills that are considered an asset to a company. Even during periods of recession, the demand for this field remains high.

Fifth and last, an MBA provides you with business connections and networking. The people that  you encounter during your MBA degree program will help you in establishing business contacts and referrals.  You will not know when you will be needing these people (or when these people will be needing you) throughout your career. Having a good network will help you avail these contacts in improving your business position anywhere.

Most people will say that getting an MBA is very demanding and draining. However, the workload that you will be doing here will not go to any waste because once you finish your MBA, you will have had more knowledge and skills needed that will make you in demand and an asset as well.

Detecting Employment Scams

People are always looking for jobs. It could either be due to unemployment or a want for a better career. Job hunting will always be an ongoing activity.

Employment scams or commonly known as job scams have been prevalent lately. This usually involves a supposed employer offering an applicant an attractive opportunity which require money in advance. This opportunity usually is in another country and that the money collected will be for visa application and travel expenses. Once the victim has completed payment, the employer disappears and is never heard of again. The incidence of cases such as this has increased these last couple of years, mostly in the form of illegal recruiters. That is why people should be wary before pursuing any job offer. These warning signs and tips will definitely help you determine whether a job is a scam or not.

Research about the Company as well as the position offered
Do a background check of the company. You should be able to find information about them, compare if it is consistent with what the person you’ve met with said. If you haven’t heard of the company before, make sure that you have reliable people you know who do. Consider it as a warning sign if they don’t have a website and if you cannot find them on the Internet. Legitimate companies do not have anything to hide.

Doubt emails
Job scams usually spread faster because of the Internet. Money-making scams especially thrive through spam. You should be wary of spam emails that offer you jobs without properly giving information about their company. These industries would ask you for your personal bank account as part of “getting to know you”. Be mindful of these kinds of hint. You should be able to know the difference between a legitimate job offer email and a spam.

Consult Scam Lists
Countless campaigns have been put up to stop scammers. On the Internet alone, you will be able to see lists of illegitimate companies and websites. If they have a hotline, you can call and ask some question. You can relay the nature of your problem and ask them for advise. Make sure to check these sites out for reference.

Be wary
If an offer sounds “too good to be true”, chances are it is. There is no shortcut to success and if the employer is offering you a ridiculously high salary for a starting position, don’t dive right away. Sometimes scammers take on subtle ways of deception. Read and re-read job offers carefully. Have someone you trust look through any document and listen to outside opinion before you sign anything. Lastly, always remember that the company will hire you, you don’t have to pay them anything at all.

Use of Graphic Design by Team Manila to bring about National Consciousness

Art, and the love and passion for it, can actually lead into a successful business venture. Check out this local design firm – who knows, maybe you can even work in the same field, if you consider yourself as an artist:

Back in mid 2000s, there was a sudden popularity in these cute and beautifully made graphic designs on t-shirts which concentrated on the Philippines and the quirky aspects of being a Filipino. You would see witty lines or sayings printed on shirts accompanied by technically made designs that will instantly catch one’s attention. These t-shirts gained quite a following and its producers easily obtained popularity. The masterminds behind these t-shirts is Team Manila, which proclaims their line to be a lifestyle brand. Team Manila gained great popularity because of their use of masterful graphic design to print on their shirts.

Team Manila is a multi-disciplinary design studio situated in Manila Philippines. It was founded in 2001 by college friends Jowee Alviar and Mon Punzalan who always had the same design sensibilities and liking the same artists and designers. Their designs mainly caught the attention of the people because of their use of typography, interestingly skewed images, and their play on textures and colors.

It is really remarkable how Team Manila was able in a way, to wake up a certain national consciousness especially among the youth, who are becoming more apathetic every day. It was really great how this brand was able to showcase quirky and eccentric aspects about the Philippines and show it in a way that you will be proud of it. Team Manila have made incredible and wonderful designs about the every day life of a typical Filipino or basically anything about the Philippines.

Some of their more popular designs include graphically designed images of Jose Rizal – the Philippine National Hero. In some designs, one will be able to see Jose Rizal modernized, such as wearing sunglasses and having headphones. Sometimes, there would be accompanied passages which he wrote like, Ang di magmahal sa sariling wika ay mas masahol pa sa malansang isda. Other images would be themes on local street food like fishball, squidball, kikiam, isaw and kwek-kwek. Some images would even be about games children play on the streets or larong kalye. Other designs would simple say or evoke a love for the Philippines.

It is true that the popularity of Team Manila is mainly because of the mastery of their graphic design and the themes surrounding them mostly come second. But people will not wear statements like these if they did not feel true about it in any way. Because of the popularity of their designs, their products have branched out to include wallets, pencil cases, tote bags, stickers, pins and so much more. It is truly amazing how art, specifically graphic design, has paved a way to bring about a certain national consciousness to a country. In the end, it is really remarkable how the designs were really well-received by their fellow Filipinos.

TESOL: Guidelines to remember

In teaching the English language to people from a different culture and are used to speaking their native tongue, you have to be creative and persistent. It can be easy, and at times rewarding. But it can also be frustrating. You have to teach by making situations that are appealing to them.  For instance, you have to prepare listening and reading exercises. You can teach by having some sort of discussion, play games as educational activities or role-playing.

There are a number of guidelines which will help your teaching overseas to be challenging and fun. But then, are you ready to teach? Before you hit the road to your dream, you have to follow certain guidelines which will help you get by.

Below are a few things:

1.You have to know the place where you want to teach.
In order to do this, you might want to check on a number of countries. Often times, other people who wish to teach abroad choose those countries where they wish to travel.  Of course, you need to know their native language, and you have to know some facts about that country. Reading will help a lot.

2.You need to check on certification programs.
This should be beneficial to you because it is an add-on to your credentials. Check your schedule if it goes along with the dates of the program.  Do not worry because country-specific study would not be necessary.

3.Be positive, be motivated and know the advantages.
This will make sure that you really are decided. Think that you are going to have English speaking friends when you get there. Virtual learning is possible but most employers prefer traditional teaching experience.

4.If your course will last for a year, make sure you get a visa that will last the length of your course.
Getting a visa also means you are ready to leave the life you left and start anew.

5.Make sure that you attend the certification class.
When you get there, looking for a job will support your stay, and also make you comfortable in doing activities in the place. There are programs for instance those that are offered by TEFL that assist in looking for work. It is best to do your part in studying and researching online on the opportunities presented to you once you arrive the place.

6.Once you are teaching and have adjusted to the place, it is best to also give yourself a treat. Have fun and appreciate everything that your eyes can see. Also give importance to yourself, to celebrate that you were able to get in the job, and opportunity that you were able to study another country.

Teaching English overseas can be a fun way to live your life. Just make sure to have these guidelines on mind, to assure you of a hassle-free teaching process. And remember to have fun!