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Crash Course on Letters – Cover Letters and More!

Crash Course on Letters, Cover Letters and More!  writer

Majority of the Filipino applicants don’t use letters when they’re applying for a job. If you’re truly eager to get hired or to show that you’re a professional, you never forget to use letters. For those who are not familiar, there are the main types of letters: 1) Cover Letters, 2) Thank You Letter, 3) Acceptance Letter and 4) Declination Letter.

Cover Letters

Specified or not, you should never forget to include a cover letter when you submit your resume. This can actually put you on top of other applicants. As you can see, a cover letter will help employers see your writing skills and will determine if you’re really serious for the job or not. Take note: Even if it’s in a letter form, you shouldn’t just write down everything on your CV.

Introduction.  Always remember to mention the job you’re applying for.
Body  This should be modified depending on the company you’re applying for. Only write achievements which are in line with the job and firm you’re applying for. Be more conversational but don’t go overboard.
Closing. Don’t forget to thank the company. Although it’s already written on your resume, include here your contact details.

Thank You Letters

Crash Course on Letters – Cover Letters and More! Thank you

A Thank You Letter is actually optional but can be a plus point. It will not only show how determined you are but sending a thank you letter after an interview is actually a professional gesture. This should be sent immediately after the interview.

Introduction – Thank the employers for their time and interest in interviewing you.
Body – Not many know but sending this letter can also help boost your chances of getting the job. You can include here the things that you have learned from the interview or the company and additional skills or qualities of yours which will make you worth hiring.
Closing – Place your contact details just in case.

Acceptance Letter

An Acceptance Letter is what you send to companies when they hire you. If you have decided to join the firm, you have to send this immediately to inform them that you’re aboard their ship. This letter should be short and concise.

Remember to acknowledge the job offer. Mention that you’re taking the job and express your gratitude for picking you for the job. Close the letter by assuring them that you will do your best.

Declination Letter

When you have chosen between multiple job offers, you should never forget to send a Declination Letter to the other companies. This is a polite as well as a professional gesture. Don’t worry, chances are they have experienced receiving a declination letter once or twice. Besides, it’s understandable.

Crash Course on Letters Cover Letters and More! Decline

Always thank the employers for considering you for the job. Then mention your decision and place there the reason. In spite of the fact that you’ve declined their offer, you should always end it by keeping your options open. You never know. You might find the need to apply for their company again in the future.


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