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Fake UK Job Openings -` Be On High Alert While Job Hunting Online

Are you a victim of a fraud overseas job opening? If you’re not, then good for you! However, this does not mean that you’re safe just yet.

In fact, these recruiters release job openings over the web similar to regular job posts. Unfortunately, a number of people are truly vulnerable to this kind of job scam because of the desperate need to make ends meet for their families and their selves.

Fake UK Job Openings 1

Recently, there have been suspicious job posts all over the web claiming that Filipinos can get a job in UK. Upon applying, they would be told that they need to pay a certain amount of money for the processing of their work permits, visas and other travel expenses. Needless to say, these are hoaxes which a number of Filipinos have been a victim of.

Fake UK Job Openings 2

With the rising number of these fake offers, the Republic of the Philippines Embassy in London has raised a warning against these illegal recruiters. Apart from this, government agencies like Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) as well as Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) has issued tips for Filipinos just in case they encounter fishy UK job ads.

  •  Do not hesitate to validate the legitimacy of each job offer. Do background checks on the recruiters by using your search engines. For comprehensive details, contact POEA or POLO.
  • Job offers that require applicants to pay money in exchange for their application are usually scams. According to the UK employment regulations, this is strictly prohibited.

If you like to learn more about this concerning matter, check out this the DFA official website. Here, you’ll find ways on how to detect these con artists and how to put them in their place.

Source: Department of Foreign Affairs

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