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Fuel Up Your Potential with – A Free Seminar at Manila Central University (MCU)

Close your eyes and think. Did your university ever prep you up for the long job hunting journey ahead? Did your professors ever teach you how to create a cover letter or a resume? Did anyone from school ever teach you about the dos and don’ts of job interviews? Were you even taught the different job hunting strategies that you can use?

Well, not many have this luxury. There are schools that, although they require their students to have OJTs and practicums, they are not able to give their students the needed knowledge the latter needs to get the job they want. Thanks to, they can get that very chance.

Last July 3, 2010,, in partnership with, went to Manila Central University and conducted ‘Fuel Up Your Potential with‘, a seminar on job hunting. The speakers of this workshop tackled topics such as:

1. How to Write a Cover Letter and Resume
2. Job Hunting Strategies and Methods
3. How to Act Before, During and After Job Interviews
4. Personality Development

Experience is definitely the best teacher. Speakers were all former job hunters and were able to share their knowledge and experiences about job hunting. Thanks to this, the graduating students from the College of Computer Studies have become enlightened about job applications and related topics. They were also able to tackle the subject of personality development, which is not usually discussed in universities. All in all it was a success (Special thanks to Dean Avonn Nova!).

The best part about this is that, did this FOR FREE. If you’re interested in learning more about how to get a job you want without having any difficulties or whatsoever, invite us to your school and we’ll give you a free job hunting seminar.

If you’re interested, you can definitely send your requests to [email protected].