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Halimbawa ng Liham na Naghahanap ng Trabaho

Naghahanap ka na ng halimbawa ng liham na naghahanap ng trabaho? I’ll give you an example here. In English, it is called cover letter. You submit a cover letter together with your resume.

The format for a cover letter is the same for Filipino and English. If you need it it Filipino or Tagalog, you just have to follow the format below and compose your letter in Filipino.

We will be using block style format letter. This means that all of the lines are aligned to the left. It is used in most businesses correspondences. At mas madali.

halimbawa ng liham na naghahanap ng trabaho

The first entry is the date where you will submit your cover letter. Make a 1.5 margin from the top, write the date and then press the enter key twice leaving one line blank.

The second entry is information about you. Write your name in the first line first name first. Write your address below. Leave 4 spaces blank before the next entry.

The next entry is the recipient’s information. Write the name of the receipent on the first line followed by the position below and then the name of company. Leave one space blank below before writing the salutation.

The salutation is the next. It is alright to say, “Dear” and then the name of the recipient. Leave one space blank and write the body of the letter.

The body of the letter is the most important. The first paragraph should state that you are applying for a position. Be clear with the position. State also how you learned about the position.

In the next paragraph of the body, you just tell why you think you should be considered for the position. You can say that you have experience in a work related to the open position and that you have the skills. Write your most important achievements related to the position you are applying for.

In the last paragraph, you’ll say thank you for the time and then state that you will be waiting for a response and that you have attached your resume.

Close your letter with the closing and then sign the letter.

Yan ang isang halimbawa ng liham na naghahanap ng trabaho. Nakatulong sana.