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It’s in the Movies: Films to Keep You Motivated at Work

I sometimes dread work – it’s stressful, having to write a ton of articles. Yet what makes me stay in this company (aside from the promise and plan of a brighter future and plan) are movies. Yes, movies. Strange as it may be, this form of media took a rather bright shine on me, to live out live – and work – to the fullest. Let me share some of my favorites, that made me stay through the stress of work:

In The Mood for Love (Wong Kar Wai)

I’m a sucker for Wong Kar Wai movies. Now, that’s a fact – I even photocopied an entire book about him when I was studying, just because I couldn’t find that book in any bookstore (I borrowed the book from my school library)! Though the film may be slow and dragging for some, what makes it so appealing for me is the main character, Chow, who also happens to be a writer. With the toils and troubles of a troubled marriage, Chow takes solace with his neighbor, the pretty Su. Though I won’t discuss any more plot details in here (the movie is too good to be spoiled), the movie motivates me to keep being a writer – no matter how hard and unforgiving the job is. Work, after all, is like a troubled marriage. You just have to keep on fixing things.

Anino (Raymond Red)

A short, black and white film, done by one of the Philippine’s greatest directors, Raymond Red, is what I consider a film that can help you get through work. Though not necessarily speaking about work, the film shows the strange pulls – and pushes – of progress to a man’s ambition. The film features the talented Ronnie Lazaro playing as a photographer in Malate Church, a strange Church located right within Manila’s red light district. It’s a motivational tool for me, since work can be found in the strangest of places – writing in the Internet – and can potentially lead to salvation.

The Shawshank Redemption (Frank Darabont)

As a film based on a Stephen King novel, it was quite refreshing not to see anything of the mystical and supernatural in it. But what makes it as a motivational tool for me at work is its main message – hope. The story mainly centers on a prison, on how a man lives through it. Again, no spoiler in here – the film’s an acclaimed work of art – but the movie has taught me to go against all odds, to live and work through anything.

Work can be managed easily, if you have the right tools for you to motivate you by. Try to get copies of the films listed in this article, and see how it can make a difference in your career. Or better yet, make your own list, to get your work done in a much stress-free manner.