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More Canada Jobs for Filipinos in 2009

canada jobs for filipinos
There are more available Canada Jobs for Filipinos in 2009. Caregivers and nurses are not the only jobs that are open in Canada for overseas Filipino workers. Canada needs manual labors and professionals to decrease their shortage of manpower.

The province of British Columbia in Canada is currently employing tens of thousands of construction workers in preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics. They also need welders and pipe-fitters. The salary of welders, construction workers and pip-fitters in Canada is higher than in Saudi Arabia.

The province of Alberta, Canada needs professionals for their oil and gas industry. There is still a shortage for more than 30,000 professionals in the field of engineering.

These are only two of the many provinces in Canada who have high demand for Filipino workers. Aside from caregiver, construction workers and engineers, Canada also needs house cleaners, food attendants, butchers and hotel staff.

If you are interested in applying for Canada Jobs for Filipinos, the easiest way to check the job vacancies and the legal recruitment agencies which you can apply to is to go the web site of the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA). In the right column, look for Approved Job Orders underneath the Online Services category. Click Approved Job Orders.

When you reach the new page, click Search Approved Job Orders by Country. From the drop down menu, choose Canada. You will reach the page where you will see all the legal jobs in Canada that you can apply to. You will also find the name of the recruitment agencies.

Remember that there are no placement fees for Canada jobs for Filipinos.