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Office Stereotypes

Get To Know The People You’re Bound To Work With In The Office

When you get to the office, there are certain people you’ll encounter for sure. They may be possible friends or may be your worst nightmare. Here are some of the office stereotypes you can face.

  1. The Suck-Up – It’s self-explanatory. There’s this person who will surely try their best to outsmart everyone by trying to impress the boss. It’s kind of like having a teacher’s pet. Some people who fall under this category don’t really mean to be annoying but they unconsciously let the title get to their heads.
  2. The Office Clown -There will always be a joker in the office. They make life better, especially when everyone’s in a foul mood. They love making you laugh, no matter what it takes. You find this one in any industry, for sure.
  3. The Foodie – Filipinos love food! With stress, they love to indulge in all its splendour. There will always be this one person in the office who always seem to have bundles of food in their bag. Thanks to them, even in the late hours of the day, you’ll never have an empty stomach.
  4. The Grump -Watch out for this fella. This person will always seem to be unreachable, especially with his short temper. Be careful not to cross paths with this guy or else, you’ll feel nothing but rage.
    Office Stereotypes The Grump
  5. The Geek-azoid – a.k.a. the Walking Encylopedia; the Genius; the Expert on Everything. Also, they will exhibit the appearance of a stereotype geek: timid, silent and seemingly indifferent around tons of people. Although they’re soft-spoken, stick with them and you might actually learn a thing or two.
    Office Stereotypes the Geek
  6. The”Yosi” Break Friend – When break time comes, it’s automatic. This person stands up with their cigarettes and lighters in hand, then disappear in about 15 minutes. If you work in a call center, you’ll definitely find one of these.
  7. The Gossip Source – Who says gossip only exists in the world of showbiz? Even offices have their own intrigues and mysteries and there will always be a nosy colleague who knows every little detail. Nothing really gets past them.
    Office Stereotypes Gossip
  8. The Heartthrob – There will always be one or two people who will make going to the office bearable because of their warm smile or their charm. Friend or no friend, they’re just great to have around for inspiration purposes.
  9. The Early Bird – They’re so early it seems like they don’t even go home. Aside from being early, they will always have a perfect attendance. They will also have everything up and running for everyone. They aren’t only a good role model but they’re convenient to have around.
  10. The Late Comer – If there’s an early bird, there will always be a late comer. For sure, they will look disoriented when they enter the door.


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