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Part Time Jobs this Christmas 2010 – Extra Income for Filipinos

It’s already December 6, 2010! Christmas is less than 3 weeks away! Do you have any idea on what to give your parents or maybe your sweetheart? Whatever gimmick you’re thinking of, it will surely involve money. For sure, we’re not all lucky with money. If you’re one of those people who wish to earn extra income this holiday season, don’t worry. There are still part time jobs this Christmas 2010 that you can venture into that won’t have you do selling or any kind of marketing.

Sell Load -Yes, you’re definitely selling here but no worries. Filipinos are hooked on cell phones. Even kids as young as 10 years old have their own mobiles. However, not everyone is able to afford a post-paid line. Meaning, load will always be a necessity. By selling load, you don’t have to exert any effort. All you have to do is to hang a tarpaulin outside your home for advertisement purposes and for sure, people will flock to your doorstep. But make sure that you place it in an area that’s visible to passers-by.

Part Time Jobs this Christmas 2010 Load

Promo Girls – Christmas is all about events. You won’t be able to find a manufacturer that doesn’t have a gimmick or an event during the holidays. Because of this, they are in need of promo girls that will help them sell their products. Usually, these are part time jobs for conventions or expos. You may try to get one of these jobs through referrals or sometimes, companies post job ads through the web. You’ll be paid per event with a minimum of P500.00.

Ushers for Events – Speaking of events, December will not be complete without concerts, plays or whatever variety show. For sure, they’ll be looking for extra hands to help with their event. If you happen to come across one of these, inquire! Usually, these pay at least P500.00 per show. Not only will you be able to earn some cash but you’ll also be able to watch the show for free!

Photographer / Videographer – With all these special parties and events, hosts and organizers would want someone to capture special moments during these happenings. Instead of hiring a professional, who would definitely charge a large fee, some prefer hiring amateurs, who are almost just as good. Being a photographer/videographer during holidays such as these are profitable. In addition to this, many hopefuls get discovered with these opportunities. Fees will depend on the type of event.

Part Time Jobs this Christmas 2010 photographer

Christmas Decorating -Although it’s already the month of December, some families have not set up their homes for the holidays due to 2 reasons: either because they’re too busy or too lazy. That’s where you can come in. If you have some aptitude in decorating, maybe you can volunteer. Some homeowners pay up to P5,000.00 for this service.

Part Time Jobs this Christmas 2010 photographer

If you look, these Christmas part time jobs can give you a good amount of money. For sure, after pursuing one of them, you’ll have enough cash to show your loved ones you care.


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