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Ten Reasons Why You Should Be at Career Circle 2010!

Career Circle 2010: The Alumni Fair, one of the biggest job fairs for 2010, is coming closer. Have you pre-registered yet? No? If you think that this is just like any other Philippine job fair, that’s where you’re wrong. This special career event is more than just a place to pass through booths of both local and multinational employers.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Be at Career Circle 2010!

If you’re still scratching your head in curiosity, let us give you the 10 reasons why it’s the biggest career event of the year!

1. If you wish to have a career in Information Technology, Telecommunications, Sales and Marketing, plus Accounting, this is the perfect place to start. This special career fair showcases big companies like IBM Business Services, Sykes Asia and NCO Inc. to name a few. At the same time, people who wish to get a career in the Medicine industry might also be interested in applying at Pascual Laboratories and many others.

2. Of course, if you’re thinking that this is one of those employment fairs where companies are mostly BPOs and call centers, you should think otherwise. Roundbox Solutions, the organizers, has partnered itself with other employers such as Business World, Memo, JobFinder, Yehey, and, who have openings in HR Departments, Media and Advertising, Management, Manufacturing and many others. In summary, applicants who enter will find myriads of job opportunities focused on not only one or two industries but in others as well.

3. Fresh graduates will be able to do a lot in this 3 day event. Aside from passing their resumes, applicants can interact with employers. Here, they will be able to ask whatever career fair questions they have. Instead of being in the dark, employers can answer their questions and enlighten them about the industries they want to enter. Basically, this special open forum will give graduates the chance to jumpstart their career.

4. The fair is not only for fresh graduates. Anyone who wishes to land a new job or who has decided to have a career change may drop by and submit their application, as well as interact with employers. This also goes the same for students who are graduating soon. This job fair can teach them a thing or two about job hunting. Any kind of applicant is welcome in the Career Circle 2010.

5. One of the best reasons why participating in the Alumni Fair is wonderful idea is because participant employers and other sponsors will be conducting forums and workshops on job hunting. Topics that shall be covered are as follows: a) Interviewing Tips, b) Personality Development, c) Dress to Impress, d) Pre-Employment Basics, e) Choosing the Right Employer and f) Choosing the Right Career. Speakers will all be professionals and shall be sharing with you what they consider to be the dos and don’ts of job hunting. The best part about this is that, you can listen to all these expert advices FOR FREE!

6. Learning is useless when there is no application. When you’re inside Career Circle job fair 2010, there is a chance that you’ll get interviewed on the spot. Because the career event showcases real employers looking for new staff, applicants will be able to experience what it’s like not only in a job interview but the actually job hunting process itself.

7. When you’re just starting your journey within the workforce, it’s always good to interact with individuals who can help you. The Career Circle 2010 job fair is an opportunity to do some networking and establish contacts within the industry. It’s also a great place to meet new friends.

8. Being the early bird always has its perks. By being one of the first 100 participants to arrive at this job fair in Gateway Mall, one will receive special job seeker kits, as well as tokens and gift certificates from top retailers. All these gifts are related to job hunting. Make sure you assert yourself to obtain one of these!

9. Contrary to popular belief, job fairs aren’t always boring. This alumni job fair 2010 offers something more. Other than the fact that this event can help strengthen the foundation of each applicant, visitors will find the fair as an enjoyable experience because of its raffles and contests. Participants will not only learn a thing or two about the employment world but will also have fun in the process.

10. Just in case you’re wondering, this job fair is truly different from others because it’s a cause! By participating in the job fair, you’ll be able to help lives. Basically Career Circle 2010 is partnered with World Vision foundation, a group that aims to eliminate poverty. By being here, you can jumpstart your career and also help these kids obtain an education. You can contribute much to their future!

These are probably more than enough reasons why Career Circle 2010 is one of the biggest job fairs for 2010. Feel free to visit the Career Circle 2010 website if you wish to learn more or pre-register for the event. Remember: mark August 16-18, 2010 in your calendars because this fair is where you should be!