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The different types of employees you will meet when you go to work

As you meet tons of people every day, you realize how much one person differs from the other. When you start working, you will observe that being a part of a company is like going back to high school. People are grouped according to their personalities, you get a lot of comments every day from employees you don’t even know, you get scolded when you come in late or when you do not do your job properly. Once you start entering into a company, it would be hard for you to survive if you don’t know how to accept and handle the different personalities around you. Here are a few examples of the type of employees that you will encounter when you start your job.

  1. Slackers

These are the people who are usually lazy when working in the office. They would always come in late, walk around the office and chat with other employees, pretend to look busy even when they’re not and spend time in the lounge or pantry in order to kill time.



2. Aliens

These are the workers whose minds are always somewhere else. When discussing things to be done in the office, they are always out of topic. They also make unnecessary comments and ideas.



3. Mr/Ms Know-it-all

These are the ones who usually get fights with the bosses. They would always argue with the boss and insist that their ideas are better. They will not stop unless they get what they want. They will also act superior than other employees and take over projects and activities which are not even assigned to them.



4. Outcasts

These are employers who would usually spend their time working on the computer and not talking to anybody. They would not join their officemates for lunch or would make excuses when there are events to attend to.




5. Drama Queen/Kings

Drama Queens are employees who would usually do anything to catch the attention of other people. They would always keep on ranting and would even confront the manager and ask for some advices on whatever they are going through in their life.


drama queen

6. Antagonists

These are employers who would always oppose ideas and suggestions made by co workers. When a project is presented, they will immediately criticize it and point out its flaws.


It is very important to recognize the personalities of your co workers in order for you to find ways on how to deal with them. One of the most important things in order for you to survive in your chosen company is for you to learn how to work well with others. Even though people have different personalities, you have to accept them for who they are. Be yourself, do not let other people bring you down, be nice to other people and learn to understand your officemates even though they piss you off sometimes.