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The Siena College of Quezon City Job Fair 2010

This school year is coming to a close and it is’s job to help fresh graduates get a lead on their life after graduation. For sure, majority of them are clueless as to what comes after the college stage but as we said, we exist to help any applicant through the whole job hunting process and provide them with numerous job openings in diverse fields!

Last February 26, 2010,, with the help of its partner job site,, participated in the Siena College of Quezon City Job Fair 2010. The team enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of the Siena College facilitators as well as its guidance counselor, Rizalyn Salac. It was not only a good experience for the students but also for the site representatives.

The career fair only lasted a few hours. Nonetheless, interactions between applicants and employers were made. Surveys were conducted in order to gather the opinions of future applicants, as well as employers, regarding the task of finding a job and seeking for employees, respectively. Thanks to these, we have an idea of how to make our site better.

It was a truly memorable experience for all parties! Till next time job seekers! You’ll be sure to see both and in future job fairs, willing to give you the helping hand that will aid you in the working world!

Photo Credits: Arji Villanueva