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Things to Consider in Pursuing A Career as a Tattoo Artist

If you think you have the crack for being creative and can do works of art on just about any canvas, then why don’t you consider a career as a tattoo artist? The art of making tattoo designs has long existed since time immemorial and is evident in the old paintings and relics about ancient civilizations. Although considered as a taboo before, the tattoo design industry continues to grow nowadays and  s becoming more and more popular to people from all walks of life. That is why if you think you have what it takes to become a great tattoo artist, here are three most important things that you should consider in pursuing this career.

The salary is basically the first thing anyone would consider in choosing a profession. You should know that most of the time, tattoo artists are self employed that’s why their salaries greatly depend on how well customers patronize their works. As a trainee tattoo artist, you should expect to have a lower salary as compared to those who are already experienced in the field. Usually, the summer months are the busiest times for a tattoo artist since most people are on vacation and could have ample amounts of time to spend having a tattoo design printed on their skins. If you do well as a tattoo artist, you would definitely have a steady source of income for your work and who knows, you could even have your own business soon.


It also necessary for you to know your responsibilities as a tattoo artist. This includes cleaning and sterilizing the tattoo equipment that you will be using as well as knowing the latest health and safety procedures that you must observe when putting a tattoo design on a customer’s skin. Aside from that, you are also expected to be updated with the most recent fashions and trends in the world of tattoos and create new designs during your spare time.

You should know that there are no formal schools regarding tattoo making. Usually, you would start as an apprentice of a more experienced tattoo artist and this could take at least two years before you can finally say that you are good on your own. Once you are able to gain enough experience, the next important thing that you should do is to try to get a license to practice your craft. Keep in mind that you could only be qualified for this if you are already working as a tattoo artist that’s why apprenticeship is really important.

Being a tattoo artist is one of the coolest yet most complicated career options that you can take on. Remember that not everyone can become a tattoo artist for passion, skills and commitment are needed to become successful in this field. Try to consider the salary that you would get should you decide to pursue this job. Know the tasks that you will be assigned to do. And assess if you can be qualified to become a tattoo artist yourself. Consider these things before you take that big step and you’ll be assured that you can become a great tattoo artist in the long run.