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Hey There, Job Seekers and Employers!

As promised, we will make sure to do everything we can to improve our site. Perhaps you have noticed the new addition we have done to make your job hunting days easier.

Job postings have been sorted in order to give you an easier time to browse through openings to different companies. At the same time, employers looking for applicants will also benefit from this. Categorizing these will increase the chance of  fresh graduates and experienced individuals looking for jobs to stumble upon your job post.

Without further ado, we now have 10 new job categories for you.

  1. IT/Computers
  2. Engineering/Technical
  3. Communications/Art/Media
  4. HR/Administrative/Business
  5. Accounting/Finance
  6. Sales/Marketing
  7. Medical/Nursing
  8. Education/Schools
  9. Manufacturing
  10. Other Jobs

To see them, click here.

Stay tuned for more updates and changes to, your easy-to-use and efficient job search and posting resource.


The Team