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Why Find a Job in Makati

Why Find a Job in Makati city scape

What’s With Makati?  Finding a Job In Makati City

When we say Makati City, it’s a city know for its luxurious malls and sophisticated streets. However, that’s not the only thing that makes this place renowned to the whole Filipino population. It’s also the location of Makati Central Business District, the Wall Street of the Philippines. Working here means a lot for many individuals. Top companies and employers reside here offering good compensation to their applicants.

One thing that makes Makati City stand out from others is the fact that it’s an expensive city. There are hardly any “carinderias” or budget canteens inside within Ayala (except for the infamous “Jolly Jeep“) and also, the transportation fare is quite high.

Why People Love Working In Makati

Why Find a Job in Makati lobby

However, amidst of all of these, Makati City is the location of various corporations (old and new) with high reputations—may it be ad agencies, IT companies, call centers and so on. Compared to other companies in other cities, these firms offer higher compensation to their applicants. You can get hired and earn a starting salary of P15,000-20,000. With these, employees are also able to earn nice benefits such as health benefits, paid leaves and many others.

Apart from compensation and benefits, you can also enjoy these benefits when apply for work in a city like Makati, specifically, Makati Business District.

1. Convenience – Compared to Manila, the city admin of Makati City is more strict and more organized. Because of this, you can walk around the streets late at night. You can wait for public utility vehicles such as buses and FXs at terminals and/or loading zones. At the same time, tons of restaurants and convenience stores are within your reach, just in case you need anything. Malls such as Greenbelt, Glorietta or SM are also found in the heart of the city.
2. Safe – You’ll find that the Makati City Hall, Police and Fire Station are just nearby. Whenever you need anything, you can run to these places. You can also find traffic enforcers everywhere who work hard to enforce traffic rules. Makati roads are often organized.
3. Accessible– You can reach Makati through a myriad of ways. You can find buses, FXs and cabs entering and leaving the city. To get to a certain street, taxis and jeepneys are available for your benefit. To get to your destinations quickly, you can take the MRT and the LRT.

When you have a job in Makati, everything may be expensive but everything else will give you convenience. Enjoy the comforts of this city. Find a job here today!


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