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Writing a Fresh Graduate Resume – Types of Resume Formats to Use

Now You Can Write a Better and More Effective Resume with this List of Fresh Graduate Resume Format

Writing a Fresh Graduate Resume  

Fresh graduates often find it hard to get a job right after graduation. It’s a certainty that during the next 2-3 months after that, they find themselves in a tough competition. Nonetheless, when June and July comes, the job hunting atmosphere becomes more relaxed. More often than not, jobs in the Philippines aren’t hard to find. In fact, if you know where to look, they’re abundant. The challenge here is how to get hired.

Since fresh graduates start from the bottom, it’s important for them to utilize every resource they can get their hands on. If they are offered help, it is often wise for them to take it. This is most advisable when they make a fresh graduate resume. If you do research, there are 3 types of resumes. These are:

The Chronological Resume

The first one is the more detailed, chronological one. This will show the exact achievements of a person, the positions they held in the past and many others. When writing a fresh graduate resume, this format is not really advised. This format is used for individuals who want to show their progress over the years in a certain field. Perhaps, fresh graduates can use this in their later applications.

The Functional Resume

Unfortunately, because they don’t have much experience, they can go with the second type, which is the functional kind. This will show not their specific achievements but the qualities and skills that they can offer the employers. Besides people newly graduated job seekers, people who desire a career change will find this kind of resume being the most helpful in their search for a job.

The Combined Style Resume

This type of resume combines both chronological and functional formats. This is also a good format to follow. Fresh grad applicants who are vying for a job that needs technical skills and a bit of know-how can use this. In a way, this can show both academic and extra-curricular achievements, as well as useful skills and abilities that are fit for the job.

So, when you’re writing a job seeker resume, always remember that this represents you and your achievements. Make sure that you give this your best shot because this resume is your key to getting scheduled for a job interview.


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