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Freelance INTERNET Freelance Architectural CAD Draftsman

at Jhune Abillar in

Employment Requirements:
Applicant Must have an AutoCad Drafting experience for at least 5 yrs working in Architect's office or worked on Architectural building Projects.
Applicant Must know how to work with X-references Extensively. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW XREF EXTENSIVELY!!! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO APPLY.
Applicant Must know Paper Space Presentation and Viewports using different scales.
Applicant will Required to submit Resume & DWG Work Sample to [email protected]
Applicant need to submit (if possible and more preferable) Complete Sample of Construction Document Drawing set submitted to Building Department for Building Permit Application. The Drawings if possible composed of: SITE PLAN, GENERAL NOTE, CONSTRUCTION PLANS, ELEVATIONS, BUILDING SECTIONS, DETAILS, CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS, ELECTRICAL PLANS, MECHANICAL PLANS, PLUMBING PLANS and OTHER DRAWINGS REQUIRED to acquire Building Permit.
Applicant will also asked to submit; Work sample using XREF file attachment application technique, Work sample using Paper Space Layout presentation with Title Block, Work sample using different scales presented in various viewports using different Scaled Drawings.
Applicant must Willing to undertake Skill test in Drafting of Floor Plans, Bldg. Section and Elevation using Survey Sketches and Pictures as references.
The work is "VERY FAST PHASE & TIME PRESSURE". Drawings need to be finished as Fast & Efficient as you can or as required and If possible only by hours. Delay and prolongation work will get negative result on your salary adjustment.
Please take note that ""THIS IS REQUIRED & VERY IMPORTANT"" Must be able to coordinate work using Yahoo Messenger Voice conferencing using ""MICROPHONE"", Chat conferencing & “YAHOO DOODLE” Environment for Project sketching instructions, You will need to use all these Yahoo features WHILE WORKING ON PROJECT. If you cannot be able to coordinate work by using these Yahoo features there is """NO NEED TO APPLY FOR EMPLOYMENT""".

Salary Requirements:
Salary sometimes offered $150.00 (as shown on Est. Budget & Fixed Price) for Drafting of the ff: Basement, 1st, 2nd, Attic, Roof Plans, 4 Exterior Bldg. Elevations & 2 Building Sections.
Salary will also based on your Technical Know How, Familiarity with Project Needs & Requirements, Speed of your Drafting work, Drafting skill, How you follow Instructions correctly and not making repetitive & Redundant mistakes, If you Do not make mistake twice, If you have good determination & evaluation of project needs & requirements, Per Layout basis, and or, To be Negotiable.
Your salary will be affected if ; You are not making redundant or repetitive mistakes, cannot understand & follow simple Instructions correctly, if you do not use and follow given style of drafting and Drafting standards and last but not the lease If you used your own drafting style instead of given drafting style & standards. .
Please do not apply if you cannot Meet and Cannot Provide Employment Requirements needed.
Thanks & Good luck.

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Published at 02-08-2011
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